Understanding Organizations as Social Systems.

Consulting. Corporate Culture. Transformation.

Change and Transformation

Change can be successful if the psycho-dynamic processes and the social dynamics are considered and taken into account. During my time as a "classical" management consultant I observed what numerous studies confirmed: The majority of change projects do fail as these aspects are often neglected. In Classical Change Initiatives, Post-Merger Integrations or the like, in an integrated systemic approach I include the dynamics of the social system as well as individuals into the consulting process and accompany them towards a successful change. The most important thing: The experts are always the acting individuals and are (already) in your company.

Corporate Culture and Social Systems

Economist Peter Drucker could not phrase it better: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast! Your Corporate Culture is the foundation of your success. Whether at the level of the entire organization, in departments or individual teams - only if social interactions are constructive and positive is the whole organization able to unfold its full potential. The "Art" is to create a secure context in which diversity and innovation are fostered and become possible. Instead of pseudo-harmony, an open and constructive but critical and open attitude promotes new ideas and leads your organisation towards new paths. Only when the individual can develop his full potential, the organization has fulfilled its task and is more than the sum of its parts!

Team-Development and Offsites

In the foreground we work on business topics and in the background we foster the improvement of cooperation. The advantages of a constructive cooperation become immediately visible and can be experienced by each person. Each individual team member becomes visible with his or her entire potential and can thus provide his or her full contribution. On the collective level, formal and informal rules as well as patterns of interaction are evaluated and improved. In this process I support you on a structural level. All contents and solutions will be provided by the team. Collectively we create sustainable and sustainable solutions for your team. The results then feed directly the handling of your current challenges and can be experienced positively.

Corporate Culture is my focus in Consulting.

Corporate culture is the decisive factor in all change and innovation processes. Change, as well as innovation, is the move towards and into something new. Only if the social system - the organisation or the team - is able to provide security towards their members and the interactions between people are effective in encouraging employees to actively participate in change and innovation, these processes can be successfully mastered and implemented. From my own observations in 12 years of classic management consulting, I can only confirm numerous studies (70% according to McKinsey): A large part of these change and innovation projects fail. The social system and psychosocial processes are often ignored.

Systemic organizational consulting integrates the social dimension of the organization and the acting persons into the process. Both systemic and psychological approaches are applied. Only when people find their own meaning and sense in change processes, can they interact efficiently and develop their potential. The prerequisite to successful implementation.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
-- Peter Drucker --