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Coaching for executives and private individuals.

Executive Coaching

Coaching in a professional context is guided by your personal assignments and objectives. In the background we dissolve barriers and obstacles that have hindered you to use your full potential. You will explore new ways based on hands-on experience and implement them in your actions in a pragmatic way.

Private Coaching

Fears and conditioning often retain us in familiar patterns - even if distressing - we prefer what we know. Together we dissolve these patterns and obstacles quickly and sustainably. Instead of dealing with the past "endlessly", we will focus on shaping your future and realizing your personal goals.

Psycholgical Consulting

As different as my clients are, as different are their challenging issues. Anxiety, sleep problems, depressive feelings and increased consumption of alcohol, tablets, etc. are just a few examples. Systemic hypnosis offers a good possibility to find the real causes and to dissolve them quickly and sustainably.

Coaching: Successful and sustainable growth in 3 steps!

An appreciative mindset is the basis for a successful coaching.

What is coaching able to achieve? Effective coaching begins with recognizing. Recognizing what is there. People are masters of self-deception and are so absorbed in their role that they often live outside of themselves. If this role is not compatible with their own values and goals people pay a high price: chronic tension and stress. We then use only a fraction of our possibilities. Exploring and rediscovering these potentials opens the path for real, personal growth. We grow not only by expanding our knowledge, but on a personal level.

Personal growth provides us a new perspective on the world and we meet opportunities and challenges in new ways. We steer the ship of our life and we become the captain again. A good coach will support and accompany this process. Blind spots are revealed, resources are discovered and a positive tension arises in the space between coach and coachee from which something new can grow.

The setting in which this growth is facilitated is one of appreciation and respect. Respect for the individuality of people and their ability to find their own solutions.
The coaching process is based on your current topics (emergent) and goals. The following 3 steps of coaching are a possible (!) guideline and orientation.

Frequently asked questions and answers about coaching.

Which philosophy does best describe your Coachings?

Norms and rules are only agreements. What matters is the possibility of being different. Being different is an expression of your individuality.

In an appreciative and respectful spirit I give you structural support to develop your own solutions and to dissolve possible obstacles. We always start exactly where you are. Only solutions that fit you, your context and your history are meaningful and sustainable solutions.

How long does a Coaching typically take?

All methods I utilize are aimed at developing solutions together in a short time that have a lasting effect.

We are often subject to the fallacy that an issue or problem that has been a burden to us for a long time takes a correspondingly long time to resolve. Through a solution-focused approach we take a shortcut to develop your own solution. As Ludwig Wittgenstein so brilliantly put it: „The facts all belong to the task, not to the solution."

Is coaching also suitable for private clients?

Coaching is suitable for both professional and private settings. It is always the person who simply acts in different contexts.

The topics of my clients are as different as my clients themselves. In a personal conversation we can clarify in which way I can support you in shaping your own solutions."

Which methods will you utilize in your Coaching?

Form follows Function! So all methods will be directed by the relevant issues and topics my clients do bring in…

…and will according to the context - proffessional or private - reach from the conscious to the unconscious level. You will experience new methods and paths, which you will and can incorporate into your life. For me it is rather important to foster your own competence and so Coaching is always a process to learn and change.

What is Systemic Hypnosis and what is it for?

Sytemic Hypnosis is rather different from "Classical Hypnosis". The rational mind is only a fraction …

…of what directs how we act, feel and think. Systemic Hypnosis focuses entirely on promoting your own content and solutions. This ensures and guarantees that these solutions will fit you, your context and your goals. The state of hypnosis is similar to that of meditation: your attention is simply directed more inwards.

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