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Communication 3: Levels of communication & how to give better feedback

In part 3 of our series on communication, you will dive into an alternative technique to provide constructive feedback and learn about the different levels of communication. To improve your communication skills you are provided with easy-to-implement techniques to swiftly and efficiently.

Communication 2: Appreciative and solution-oriented communication

In part 2 of the series about "Communication Techniques" I will introduce you to specific techniques to create a successful and solution-oriented communication. Among others, this includes techniques such as " Systemic YES " and "non-violent communication". You will be able to give more constructive feedback and maintain an open and appreciative dialogue even in difficult situations.

Communication 1: Efficient techniques for a better Communication

In the current situation every word and every action has a 5 times stronger effect than in "normal" times. As a manager and employee as well as a private person you are more than ever challenged to communicate empathically, sensitively and solution-oriented. This video helps you to create the necessary basis for successful communication and offers you first techniques for more effective and efficient communication